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To those recently diagnosed with mental illnesses:


  • It is okay to be freaked out. It is justified to be upset. I know people like to say “oh, everyone gets depressed” and things like that. Guess what, everyone dies, but we still make a big deal out of that
  • Everyone is confused in the beginning. You aren’t stupid or a mess for being lost
  • Sometimes it will seem like every therapist, doctor, and psychiatrist on earth have completely different opinions on how your condition should be treated. Do some research and know what the latest studies are saying so that you can have a voice and advocate for yourself
  • Going on medication is not cheating, weak, taking poison, giving up, or anything else like that. Sometimes it is 100% necessary
  • There are horror stories about psychiatric drugs turning you into a zombie. If you go on a medication and are completely numb, you are on the wrong drug. Not all are like that. It just means it isn’t a fit
  • Listen to your needs. I know it is really hard to even know what you need sometimes, but when you know, there is nothing selfish about pushing to get those needs met
  • You are not a failure if you need to step back from life to get more intensive care. I think that is an incredibly strong choice and an investment in your future health
  • Yes, some friends will probably leave. I say friends who run away because someone is struggling aren’t worth having in the first place. It reflects badly on them, not you
  • Therapists are not for “crazy people”. Therapists are for anyone who wants to understand their mind better and manage life in a way that will make them happier
  • Psychiatrists can be uncomfortable because they are doctors and can be really clinical, which makes it hard to be open. Try to be open anyway. Sometimes they’re extra clinical to emotionally distance themselves for patients because it’s really hard to get attached and see something awful happen to someone
  • If you are not honest and open with your therapist, they will not be able to properly help you
  • If a therapist doesn’t work for you it is not rude to switch and leave them behind
  • I hear a lot of people say they won’t go to therapy because they tried it once and hated it. There are dozens and dozens of types of therapy. There are many types of psychologists. Don’t give up until you’ve tried all that you can
  • Check therapists’ credentials. Anyone can call themselves a therapist. So make sure they have an actual degree and not some brief training course. At least a master’s degree, but preferably a PHD. 

"It’s ok you know,
to be carried now and then,
strength too needs a rest."

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Anonymous asked:
I must say, you are truly an inspiration. With you working through your own woes, you still manage to help others with theirs. I feel bad burdening you by asking for advice, but all the same, of all the places to turn for direction, you're wonderful.

Thank you, lovely! Never be afraid to ask for advice here… This is a safe place. :)